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BULK Qetoe Low Carb Noodles - 250g (200g drained) x 6

BULK Qetoe Low Carb Noodles - 250g (200g drained) x 6

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Qetoe Low Carb Noodles x 6 (case)

Introducing Qetoe Low Carb Noodles, the guilt-free noodles that won't weigh you down! With just 2 grams of carbs per 100 grams, these noodles are here to revolutionize your low-carb lifestyle.

No more heavy, starchy noodles... these noodles are light and fluffy, yet satisfyingly filling. You'll be left wondering how something so low in carbs can be so delicious!

Perfect for a steaming bowl of soup or a sizzling stir fry, Qetoe Low Carb Noodles effortlessly absorb the flavors of your favorite broths and sauces, turning every bite into a taste sensation.


  • Low Calorie

  • Low carb

  • Vegan friendly

  • Only 2g of carbs per serve

Water, konjac powder, wheat flour, tapioca starch, soy protein powder, yam powder, oat powder, carotene, corn flour, brown rice flour, quinoa flour, Citric acid


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