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Callowfit Salty Caramel Sauce - 300mL

Callowfit Salty Caramel Sauce - 300mL

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Delicious Callowfit Low Carb Salty Caramel Sauce

Create your own dessert masterpiece with this low carb salty caramel sauce.

It's the perfect topping for your favourite desserts such as ice creams, low carb pancakes and waffles and yoghurts. Add to your favourite smoothy or protein shake to a great salted caramel taste.

This low carb chocolate sauce is vegan-friendly and gluten free so it's a perfect option for the whole family to enjoy.



Water, thickener; carmellose (E466), salt, flavour, thickener; guar gum (E412), food colouring; natural caramelised sugar, firming agent; sodium sulphate (E514), preservative; potassium sorbate (E202). food colouring; annatto (E160b), sweeteners; sucralose (E955), stevioside (E960), food colouring; curcumin..


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