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Ceres Organic Sliced Beetroot - 330gm

Ceres Organic Sliced Beetroot - 330gm

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Ceres Organic Sliced Beetroot - 330gm


And the beet goes on....

With no added sugar, this beetroot is a must!

At Ceres Organics we believe in the integrity of 'real' plant-based ingredients. So our beetroot are just that! We take organically grown beetroots that have been gently steamed and then we slice and pickle them in a traditional infusion of organic vinegars, herbs and spices with no added sugar. Full of tangy deliciousness, they're perfect for salads, sandwiches and burgers or as a traditional side dish.



Beetroot (66.7%), White Vinegar, Herbal Extracts, Sea Salt, Caraway, Cloves.


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